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Leading the Way to LED Retrofits – Simplify LED Upgrades with the New Lutron Ballast Retrofit Kit by C-Flex

October 19, 2023

Lutron Electronics, the global leader in smart lighting and shading control, is pleased to announce its new Lutron ballast retrofit kit by C-Flex. As the lighting market sunsets fluorescent technology to embrace the advantages of LEDs, and legislation restricts the sale of fluorescent lamps, Lutron continues its leadership position in the industry with fast, simple, off-the-shelf retrofit kits.

Lutron ballast retrofit kits provide a solution for 1:1 fluorescent-to-LED upgrades that can be implemented immediately, or over time, to meet budget demands, scheduling, and new regulations. Kits are in stock, and typically ship to the job in less than four weeks.

The Market Has Shifted to LEDs

Compared to fluorescents, LEDs contain no mercury, feature longer life, and offer greater potential for energy and cost savings. LEDs are also more flexible than fluorescents, delivering higher performance, unparalleled control flexibility, and a wide range of form factors and color options including tunable white capability.

New laws are designed to help eliminate the use of mercury and other toxic chemicals in lighting, and to increase lighting energy efficiency. These changes are already impacting demand. Manufacturers have started ceasing production of fluorescent lamps and ballasts, and it will become increasingly difficult to maintain your fluorescent lighting. Lutron will stop manufacturing and selling most fluorescent dimming ballasts by the end of 2023 – with the exception of EC5 ballasts with connected sensors.

Lutron ballast retrofit kits offer an excellent, efficient retrofit solution that can be installed in the same amount of time required to replace a ballast.

Kits Offer Guaranteed Compatibility and Scheduling Flexibility

For contractors and facility managers, Lutron ballast retrofit kits deliver peace of mind; making it easy to upgrade to LEDs using existing fixtures and the installed Lutron control system. Each UL Listed and pretested Lutron ballast retrofit kit by C-Flex includes the Lutron drivers (3-wire or EcoSystem) and C-Flex LED lamps by Light Efficient Design. Everything you need, including connectors, instructions, and fixture labels is in the kit. Installation is easy. The lamps drop right in, and drivers have the identical form factor/wiring locations as existing ballasts. There is no need to open the ceiling, pull new wire, or replace lamp wiring.

Retrofit kits allow the facilities team to start with a pilot installation, then phase-in project upgrades to meet maintenance schedules, minimize disruptions, and stay within the operating budget. Retain the original ballasts and lamps for attic stock during the phase-in period.

“Our retrofit kits make fluorescent-to-LED upgrades fast and easy, eliminating the uncertainty and hassle of choosing compatible lamps and drivers,” says Brendon Van Campen, Lutron’s Senior Director for Commercial Sales in North America. He adds, “It’s a simple 1:1 replacement from fluorescent lamps and ballasts to LED lamps and drivers. LED upgrades not only eliminate concerns about maintaining your fluorescent lighting they enhance light quality and performance without having to replace existing fixtures.”

Brendon Van Campen,
Lutron’s Senior Director for Commercial Sales in North America
Lutron ballast retrofit kits by C-Flex are available in 12-kit and 24-kit cases, offering replacements for:
  • T8, T5, T5HO lamps in 4-ft lamp lengths
  • Vertical and horizontal CFL lamp types
  • 1- and 2-lamp kits
  • 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K lamp color temperature options
  • 3-wire and EcoSystem control options
Lutron ballast retrofit kits

Lutron’s online tools and 24/7 service and support are available whenever you need them. To simplify retrofit projects, Lutron has created an online look-up tool to help identify the right retrofit kit for the job. Visit www.lutron.com/newledkits or contact your local Lutron rep for more information.

More information available here

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