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B-K Lighting Introduces Laser Floodlight

B-K Lighting has unveiled their latest innovation, the Rio LAZR. This floodlight marks a significant milestone, as B-K Lighting becomes the first company to introduce laser technology within landscape lighting.

“With this innovative product, we are embarking on a bold new journey,” said Justin Perez, Vice President of Strategic Growth at B-K Lighting. “Laser lighting represents the future, and B-K Lighting stands at the forefront as an early adopter of this transformative technology.”

B-K’s new Rio LAZR is a 14.5-watt, line-voltage floodlight available in 6000K CCT and 120-277 VAC. The floodlight features a cool white beam that offers clarity and brightness, effectively illuminating with a long throw and high-intensity beam.

The Rio LAZR offers designers a selection of five cap styles and the choice of round or square fixture bodies, ensuring seamless integration with any design preference. The floodlight’s laser diode makes it uniquely suited for specialized applications that require precise and focused illumination. It excels in accentuating architectural details and highlighting tall facades. The spotlighting capabilities enhance the visibility of structural features from a long distance. Additionally, it enables the creation of dramatic lighting effects and the emphasis of specific landscape features.

While laser lighting introduces heightened precision, it’s important to acknowledge the continued prominence of LED lighting in the industry. “The great thing about the Rio LAZR is that it isn’t necessarily competing with our LED floodlights. These two light sources complement each other; as LED lights excel in general illumination and widespread coverage, laser offers a different kind of control for more specialized applications,” said Chelsea Hernandez, Senior Product Designer.

Like all their fixtures, the Rio LAZR is 100% made in the U.S.A. from sustainable processes. Its materials and components are sourced from local suppliers with nearly all the manufacturing handled within B-K’s facility in Madera, CA.

The RIO LAZR has been selected for recognition in this year’s IES “Progress Report”!

More information on the round Rio LAZR Floodlight

More information on the square Rio LAZR Floodlight

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