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Evluma’s New RoadMax RX3 Roadway Luminaire is up to 50% More Energy Efficient


Evluma crowns their versatile roadway product line with their largest LED roadway luminaire to date. The RoadMax RX3 roadway luminaire is positioned to assist municipalities and utilities retire inefficient and maintenance-intensive legacy HID cobraheads on major roadways. The large, triple-light-engine RX3 is up to 50% more energy efficient than the 150-400W HID cobraheads it is positioned to replace.

The RX3 completes Evluma’s RoadMax series of low-glare roadway luminaires. The release of the RX3 also kicks off a series of new features that will roll out over the entire product line, including 277-480VAC compatibility. The RoadMax RX3 is available in model wattages ranging from 120-300W. Optionally, an adjustable lumen output switch increases service efficiency by expanding each model wattage with an additional seven output settings.

Like the rest of the RoadMax luminaires, the RX3 is distinguished by its sophisticated, durable design and low-glare, precision optics. Multiple luminaire configurations for Type II, Type III, Type IV and Type V, all with zero-uplight (U0), are offered. Proven to further reduce glare, the RX3 is released with signature RoadMax secondary lenses. Innovative field-installable shields curtail light trespass. The large roadway luminaire can be ordered with a 7-pin socket for networked nodes and 20kV/10kA Extreme surge protection. Like all RoadMax, the RX3 can be customized to include Evluma’s Photocontrol Failsafe, a patented technology that solves photocontrol failures on street and area lights.

The RoadMax RX2 spanning 70 – 220 watts was released in March of 2023 and the award-winning RX1 offered in 30-100 watts was released in March of 2022. 

“Color temperatures, efficacy targets, expanding specifications, adherence to RP-8-22 (IES) plus citizen feedback are just a few factors that can influence the choice of roadway luminaire. Overlapping wattages between each size luminaire (small, medium, large) allows for a variety of choices in efficacy (lm/W) and light output. It also affords additional flexibility if the goal is to stock fewer SKUs,” stated Evluma Marketing Director Cathleen Shattuck. “With a 10-year warranty and 20kV/10kA surge protection the RX3 crowns this robust line of roadway luminaires.”

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