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Emerson Upgrades LED Industrial Luminaires to Support Drive to Lower Energy Requirements and Minimize Light Pollution

March 6, 2024

energy saving LED Industrial Luminaires
Appleton Baymaster and Areamaster now equipped with new energy-saving dimming option, warm color temperatures 

Emerson is upgrading two flagships of its Appleton™ LED lighting portfolio with new technology that underscores the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability. For the first time, Appleton Baymaster™ LED high bay luminaires and Areamaster™ LED floodlights will be equipped with energy-saving 0-10Vdc dimming as a standard feature, along with new color temperatures (CCT) that minimize light pollution. In addition, the luminaires now boast a cold start option for ambient temperatures as low as -55° C (-67 F), and a new pre-wired design for easier, less time-consuming installation. Upgrades apply to both the hazardous rated (CID2) and harsh industrial versions of Appleton Areamaster and Baymaster LED luminaires. 

Energy Saving Benefits of LED Dimming  

Adding a two-wire, 0-10Vdc variable dimming input port takes the energy efficiency of Baymaster and Areamaster LED luminaires to a new level. Dimming allows adjustment of the rated lumen output from 100% to 10%, resulting in greater flexibility and reduced costs. By optimizing the brightness of the luminaires to the workplace, plant managers can also supply a more comfortable and productive environment. 

Besides working as stand-alone dimmable fixtures, up to ten Baymaster or Areamaster luminaires can be daisy-chained to an Appleton Mercmaster Connect LED luminaire to further enhance energy and cost savings. In this configuration, the Mercmaster Connect acts as a “controller” and shares its motion sensing, daylight harvesting, and scheduling capabilities with the daisy-chained group. This enables the group to collectively lower light levels when no workers are present or when light isn’t required, thus eliminating 24/7 operation and maximizing product lifetime. Furthermore, when the Emerson Plantweb™ Insight Connected Lighting Application and WirelessHART network platform are added to this mix, plant operators have an Industrial IoT solution capable of remotely optimizing, monitoring, and analyzing their facility’s lighting performance. 

Reducing Light Pollution  

Light pollution is a growing concern in urban areas worldwide, affecting both the environment and human health. To combat this problem, the Areamaster and Baymaster have been upgraded with two warmer color temperatures, Amber (56 CRI) and 1800K (70 CRI) that emit far less blue light that causes sky glow. Warmer temperatures complement the luminaires’ robust optics designed to precisely distribute light only where it is needed, therefore preventing excess light from scattering, especially outdoors. 

Operation Down to -55° C  

Bitter cold conditions, such as oil exploration sites in western Canada that reach -30° C or lower, are within the new temperature range of Areamaster and Baymaster luminaires. Both are certified instant-on and cold start capable in temperatures as low as -55° C (-67° F), unlike an HID fixture that can take several minutes in cold weather to reach full lumen output. Rugged Areamaster and Baymaster luminaires also eliminate many of the maintenance problems HIDs are prone to experience due to exposure to snow, ice and freezing winds.  

For more information, visit www.masteringled.com 

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