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Signify Introduces Interact Space Analysis Tool

Netherlands-based Signify has introduced an innovative capability to its growing Interact connected lighting portfolio: Interact Space analysis. Working in combination with two new state-of-the-art sensors, Interact Space analysis provides a data-driven solution that gives building owners the vital information they need to optimize working conditions for tenants and their employees. Sensors can report on occupancy at either the room or floorplan level, which helps avoid overcrowding and allows employees to focus and be more productive. Property managers can also gather insights on how their space is utilized and use the collected data to optimize the workplace and reduce costs for unused space.

Better working conditions

Attitudes about the workplace have changed. With employers demanding more from their office space, tenants have reassessed space and quality needs and have begun to migrate from class B and C buildings to class A facilities. Interact Space analysis provides an opportunity to make that migration more attractive.

Environmental sensors distributed throughout an office monitor many aspects of the surroundings, including temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide levels, levels of volatile organic compounds, and atmospheric pressure. People sensors count the number of people in a room or floor. Combining the data of both sensors will help tenants and owners adjust working conditions for their employees’ benefit. Business owners are far more likely to extend their tenancy in a building that promotes employee well-being and productivity.

Human-centric workplaces

Successful property management means creating human-centric workplaces and healthier building environments. Interact Space analysis can support property managers’ goals of achieving healthy building standard certifications such as the WELL Building Standard, which links office design, policies, and built environment strategies to health and well-being outcomes. This standard, in turn, can attract high-quality tenants and secure longer, more valuable lease contracts.

“There has been a major evolution in what we expect from our place of work. Employees today expect their work environment to be adapted to their needs and support their health and well-being. Signify is the first lighting company to support building owners with the information they need to optimize working conditions for tenants and their employees — whether it’s adjusting the HVAC schedule to increase energy efficiency or rearranging desks to take advantage of unused space. Interact Space analysis will help office owners and facility managers build offices of the future,” explained Greg Nelson,

Global Business Leader Systems and Services, Signify.

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