Meteor Lighting’s Indirect Luminaire Shines for Natatorium Environments

Meteor Lighting has developed the natatorium-rated Bolt Nova Series indirect luminaire that redefines the landscape of indirect applications. Meticulously crafted to excel in challenging natatorium environments, the Bolt Nova shines with a commitment to reliable performance. Its innovative heat dissipation features ensure consistency as it illuminates spaces with a remarkable lumen range from 43,750 up to 147,000 lm.

The deep asymmetric throw optics ensure maximum efficacy, and include additional options in 30- and 60-degree optics.

With more than a decade of illuminating diverse natatorium projects, from community recreation centers to Olympic-sized pools, the Bolt Nova is an amalgamation of engineering prowess for natatoriums.

Robust Uni-Body Design

The Bolt Nova features a uni-body design across three different sizes. Unlike competitors with a multi-module approach, the uni-body design offers superior heat dissipation, completely eliminating issues of uneven temperatures for optimum performance.

Dynamic Heat Control

A patent-pending dynamic heat-management system seamlessly integrated into the Bolt Nova mitigates peak temperatures, preventing LED burnout and extending the luminaire’s lifespan.

Highly Durable Fluorocarbon Coating

IP66 rating and anti-corrosion treatment mitigates natatorium challenges. Specifically engineered to withstand prolonged exposure to chlorine vapors, it has demonstrated resilience through rigorous testing—successfully enduring 1,000 hours of Salt Fog Testing per ASTM B117-73.

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