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ACE LEDs Develops Smallest Linear Emergency LED Driver On The Market

In response to the industry’s demand for slimmer LED drivers, ACE LEDS introduces the Mini-Rail™ Emergency LED driver. The emergency LED driver has been meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate into fixtures where other emergency drivers simply won’t fit.

At just 0.83” high and 1″ wide, this groundbreaking design represents the smallest constant power linear emergency LED driver available in the industry. The Mini-Rail is 4.6” shorter in length and 0.17″ smaller in height than previously available models. 

Isolated Relay Driver

The Mini-Rail™ design provides a delay of the AC power to the normal LED driver to protect from high voltage or high current transients that can occur during the transition from emergency mode to normal mode. With this module, you can avoid premature failure of the switch by ensuring there is less stress placed on it, all thanks to our isolated relay design.

Wide Output Voltage

Supplying incorrect voltage or currents can damage electrical components and make lighting applications appear unstable. Our wide output voltage range (12-55 Vf) is a solution to that problem. The Mini-Rail™ fits a diverse array of applications and provides stability and reliability to those fixtures by being able to handle AC voltage outlets from all around the world.

Highly Efficient LiFePOBattery

Not only are the LiFePO4 batteries in The Mini-Rail™ environmentally safer than other batteries, but they also store more energy, deliver more power, weigh less, and last longer. Our  LiFePObatteries have a 7-10 year life expectancy.

Constant Power

Whether operating in regulated environments or used during emergency power outages, ACE LEDS constant power emergency LED drivers are the best drivers for running high-powered LEDs and providing consistently bright light. The Mini-Rail™ keeps currents steady for over 90 minutes with no drop off.

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