Naomi Miller: CIE Waldram Gold Pin Awardee 2023

October 16, 2023

In 2023 Naomi Miller from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Portland, Oregon (US) received the highest recognition awarded by the CIE for work in applied illuminating engineering, the Waldram Gold Pin Award for Exceptional Outstanding Contributions in Applied Illuminating Engineering. The award puts a special focus on work that relates to recent CIE publications and recognizes Naomi Miller’s outstanding and exceptionally broad contributions in this area. 

Naomi Miller is a Senior Lighting Scientist at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Portland, Oregon (US).

As a lighting researcher, she focuses on aspects of LED lighting that can impede wise application: glare, temporal light modulation, and obtrusive lighting. She also is an inspiring speaker and communicator about good lighting quality and how to achieve it, and works with all aspects of the lighting industry to improve applications from seniors’ residences to automotive lighting. 

In recent years, she has contributed her expertise as an author to three important technical reports in three different CIE Divisions: To the publication CIE 236:2019 – Lighting for pedestrians – A summary of empirical data (published by CIE Division 4 – Transportation and Exterior Applications), to CIE 232: 2019 – Discomfort caused by glare from luminaires with a non-uniform source luminance (CIE Divisions 1 –Vision and Colour and Division 3 – Interior Environment and Lighting Design), and to CIE 249:2022 – Visual aspects of time-modulated lighting systems (CIE Division 1 – Vision and Colour). 

In her recent research she has focused on predicting phantom array visibility, work that holds great promise to fill a knowledge gap identified in other CIE publications and to lead to new ways to protect observers from ill effects of temporal light modulation.  

Previously, Naomi Miller served on technical committees that developed the CIE Colour Fidelity Index (CIE 227:2017) and Protocols for Describing Lighting (CIE 213:2014). 

Only few people have contributed to such a wide range of technical topics in light and lighting. 

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