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LightFair Report: The Shape of Things to Come

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June 28, 2022

One trend that has been gaining strength over the past few years is flexible lighting as a functional art form — and it was noticeable all over LightFairThink of the fluidity of neon, but without the gas. LED is a much safer and longer lasting alternative to neon, of course, and instead of the glass envelope encasing traditional neon, these new versions are covered in bendable silicone. The result is soft glowing light that can be formed into a variety of shapes for architectural purposes. And thanks to the technological developments in LED lumen output, these flexible lights are powerful enough to provide much more than accent lighting.

Whether the lighting can be curved and suspended or plastered into a wall, the design idea is to form unique patterns instead of a few linear lines.

Have a look.




Shape GM LightingGM LIGHTING displayed a variety of products.











Shape Ledra BrandsThe outside of the LEDRA BRANDS booth included this creative fixture. 












Shape InciseonINCISEON specializes in recreating neon-like looks. 












Shape PureEdgePURE EDGE‘s Lazer Line offers a lot of versatility.













Shape NovaFlexNOVA FLEX LED exhibited a variety of design possibilities.













Shape Tivoli duoTIVOLI offered chandeliers using flexible light as well as a recessed wall version.












Shape LumoTuboLUMOTUBO of Poland showcased a variety of possible shapes.



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