Bystander Workshops: WILD Lamplighter Coalition November 9th, 2023

October 24, 2023

Bystander Workshops
Join the WILD Lamplighter Coalition and consultants from Alteristic for a highly practical Bystander Skills Building Workshop.
  • Thursday, November 9
  • 3 – 4:30pm EST
  • Online

About the Bystander Workshop

Trigger Warning: Sexual Harassment

Do you know what to do in an uncomfortable professional situation? How to step in, or who to turn to when dealing with harassment? How can you help someone that was harmed?

Join the WILD Lamplighter Coalition and harassment-prevention consultants from Alteristic for a highly practical Bystander Skills Building Workshop. We’ll review the barriers to intervention and the three Ds (Direct, Distract, Delegate), then give attendees an opportunity to hone their skills with real-world scenarios and role-playing.

Alteristic and WILD hosted an excellent webinar on Sept 12 to provide an overview of the topic, which was outstanding and very well received. Don’t miss out on another valuable learning opportunity! (Attending the webinar is not required to attend a workshop.)

There are three workshop dates to choose from (online via Zoom) that will allow attendees to dive deeper with highly interactive material, creating a safe and constructive environment to share and learn. You only need to attend one. Register for your preferred time and date ASAP, as space is limited!

Sexual harassment and bullying are more prevalent in our industry than you might think. Empower yourself to be an ally!

Aligning with the mission of Lamplighter Coalition’s “Be Aware, Be There” campaign, attendees will learn how they can help stop, repudiate and prevent sexual harassment in social and professional environments.

Attendees will be equipped with the skills and motivation needed to:
  1. recognize and respond to behaviors that could lead to or constitute harassment,
  2. acknowledge barriers that may prevent action and develop realistic options for intervening as a bystander, and
  3. identify ways they can utilize their spheres of influence to establish a climate of dignity and respect.

These workshops will be led by Alteristic, a nonprofit committed to preventing all forms of interpersonal violence in professional environments. Alteristic has been working directly with WILD to address the specific needs of our industry.

This event is FREE FOR WILD MEMBERS! Use code wildmember to apply the discount.

More information available here

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